Dealing with Rats

A You Tube viewer asked us about rats, which is a much larger answer than You Tube allows on the reply box. Rats are a never ending problem. Here is what we do.

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Making a Brooder and Raising Baby Chicks

We'll show you how we brood our chicks and provide some practical advice on raising chicks from day old hatchlings.

We Caught a Skunk

It's been a bad month and we've lost many birds to predators so we've been extra vigilant about keeping the traps open and baited.

Yes, we caught a skunk. I knew it would happen… eventually. I've been dreading this eventuality for a long time.

My first reaction was to have a cup of coffee. That proved to pleasant I had another one. Before long, however, I realized that continuing down this path would leave me jittery and would do nothing to help shift the skunk.

I also suspected being jittery while skunk-shifting was not advisable. I have no proof of this conjecture but I feel fairly confident it can be taken as read.

What does one do when one is faced with a potentially unpleasant task that one does not wish to do and is potentially dangerous or at least significantly olfactorily unpleasant? Procrastinate! Google It!

Did you know there are a whole crap-ton of videos on YouTube on how to get a skunk out of a trap? It would seem it's something folks like to record.

I won't go into details but it turns out to be easy to get a skunk out of a trap without being sprayed. They really don't want to spray anyone and as long as you don't give them a really good reason to do so, they won't spray you.

After we opened the trap the skunk turned around and went to sleep… and stayed there for eight hours. Next time I'm putting a "check-out time is 11am" sign in the trap.

Three Little Chickens That Wouldn't Go Home

It's been a bad time to be a chicken on our farm in the last few months. All told we lost about 70 birds from Thanksgiving to mid-January. We think it's weasels.

We think that because we can't think of anything else that can fit into a golf ball sized hole and take out over 40 birds at a pop.

After the first gory massacre three birds from the red coop decided that returning to the crime scene was not in their best interest. They took up residence on the side of the house and have been there for about two months now.

Which got me thinking about free will. I never really though about whether chickens had free will or not. I suppose I assumed they were flock animals and did what the others do.

But then there's these three birds. One Rhode Island Red, one Barred Rock and one Red Star. These three did the mental arithmetic and decided “we're outta here!”

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