Our Eggs are Available on our
Front Porch Every Day

Our Eggs Are:

  • Grass Fed
  • Free Range
  • Pasture Fed
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Insecticide Free
  • Produced on-site

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Current Availability:

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We are no longer selling eggs


Q: How do I buy your Eggs? Do I have to knock on the door?
A: No -- there's a refrigerator on the porch with a cashbox on top. Just come and help yourself. We do recommend exact change but feel free to make change from what's in the cashbox.

Q: How much do your eggs cost?
A: $5.00 / dozen. Please bring exact change.

Q: What kind of eggs do you have?
A: We offer Brown, Araucana (blue/green) and white eggs.

Q: Do you use soy based food?
A: Yes, but as little as possible. As the Westin Price Foundation states, right now there are very options for farmers to wholly avoid soy. Even for pastured poultry, commercial feed is still necessary for a flock to lay. We range our birds daily and supplement our commercial feed with whole corn to minimize soy (as well as other processed ingredients). From the Westin Price Foundation site: "Phytoestrogens can end up in the yolks--not as high as in commercial eggs, but they will be there. However, eggs are such a good food that we still recommend them."

Q: Are your eggs fertilized?
A: A small amount are but we have no way of estimating how many.

Q: Do you sell chickens?
A: No. Eggs. Only eggs.

Q: Do you sell wholesale?
A: No.


165 Jacobstown-Cookstown Rd
Wrightstown, NJ 08562

Click for directions via Google Maps.

Note: Apple Maps and some others takes you 1/2 mile in the wrong direction. If that happens head south across RT 537. We're 1/4 mile on the other side. Look for our sign.

Contact us:

Phone: 609-857-1792

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Current Egg Availability:

Sold Out
We are no longer selling eggs

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